Another frugal trip – to Woodpeckers home, Franconia!

A quick little trip to another nice and mostly unknown part of Germany:


The “Altes Rathaus” (old townhouse) of Bamberg, sitting in the middle of the river Regnitz.

…where Woodpecker spent a happy youth in the beautiful small, and happily quite un-poshy town of Bamberg.

Bamberg with its 70.000 inhabitants is a medieval town founded more than 1000 years ago, then the seat of the holy Roman Emperor Heinrich II and today one of the few cities in the world which are entirely entitled the world cultural heritage status. Reason is that the old town was not bombed in WWII and Bamberg lacked massive industrial development afterwards, leaving it quite in its original state.

Once again it was really inspiring to stay there due to the contrast the town offers compared to Munich.
As pointed out, I love Munich and it is and excellent place to be, but its main disadvantage are too many un-frugal people who live there. A thing certainly more rare in Bamberg. Here you will see less hectic people running through the city with cell-phones on their ears, you will have difficulties finding anyone running around hacking on his blackberry, you see less top-edge designer-cloths and high-class cabriolets. All in all it is (like most smaller towns) more relaxed and more modest.

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A frugal trip to Northern Germany, or: Why Europe is a great place to live.

Timmendorf Beach at the Baltic Sea, close to Lübeck and Hamburg. (Bah, cell-phone photos suck!)

Back from a very pleasant short trip to northern Germany.

And a frugal one as well!

We first went to Mrs. Woodpecker’s family in Hamburg, stayed there for around 10 days. We explored (not for the first time of course) the really impressing hanseatic city of Hamburg. If you come to Germany, don’t miss this one – definitely one of favorites.

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Sabbatical and Parental Leave – Downshifter’s heaven!

Some words on spare time:

I love it!

My job is fine and I like going there but it’s absolutely not my goal to spend too much time there either.

I am committed to enjoy every single year now and I want to keep my body, mind and spirit in good shape to have a good time in the next decades as well.

So better not work too much if you somehow can afford it (and you can! by living more frugal and by earning/spending more efficiently).

Additionally, I love travelling, the world is big and beautiful, so that needs a lot of time.

Safranbolu, Black Sea, Turkey – a small village in Ottoman style (on the UNESCO world heritage list). Makes you feel like having warped to the 17th century (but photo taken in 2010 by me) and a very good place to stop at during an extended parental leave trip.

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