Are we Really Living in a Society Driven by Fear? …and What to Do Against It

People increasingly feel uneasy because they think all decisions have to be made perfectly correct to avoid ending on the "looser road"

People increasingly feel uneasy because they think all decisions have to be made perfectly correct to avoid ending on the “looser road” (link to clip see below)

Seen a great little film today on the media site of German Television (ARD).

It is about us being a “society of fear”. The clip is about German society, but certainly describes the feeling in many if not most modern societies.

Key theses are:

  1. The whole society today is basically driven by fear
  2. Everybody is obsessed by status and even more by the fear of loosing his/her current status
  3. People feel the constant urge to compete and want to be “fit
  4. People have the feeling they always have to choose and always have to be chosen
  5. Thus people become “radar persons”, always sensing for feedback from the outside (waiting for the “I like” of others) instead of trusting in their own intuition or inner guiding.
  6. People have the feeling that all relationships are alway cancel-able. Thus security dwindles
  7. We are more and more becoming a society of lone warriors
  8. All of this leads to a diffuse unease. But people see no real alternative, thus carry on.

A very accurate assessment of the situation in my opinion.

Link here (German only).

Having said that the question is out what can you do against this unease that probably most of us will feel from time to time.

Obviously I don’t have the answer (yet 😉 ).

But a few of Woodpeckers mantras is certainly helpful to address most of the points above:

  • Improve and nurse your social contacts.
  • Hook up to groups, societies, or (if you feel like) to political parties, NGOs etc. And I mean offline, not online. Online communities are worth close to nothing if the shit hits the fan.
  • Always prioritize friends and families above work, duty, competition etc.
  • Understand that all this “a crisis is coming” talk is bullshit (see this post). We all have food, housing, warmth and clothes in full abundance and almost certainly will still have all of this for lifetime.
  • Be open and welcoming to all sorts of people. Use tit-for-tat in case the other misbehaves, but always start out friendly and trusting and be ready to forgive.
  • Never burn bridges.
  • Try to revive old contacts, even if they were buried for decades.
  • Understand that people will use this kind of fear to intimidate you and make you do what they want (to work cheap, to obey, to be “flexible” etc.). Resist and you will see that you have more negotiation power than others try to tell you.
  • Do a good job in your employment, but don’t play the work-drone. Once others notices you do everything, they will shovel everything on you. Not good.
  • Do sports, out-door activity, travelling to concentrate mind and body.
  • Spend more time offline and without news / internet. Definitly no blackberry outside office-hours!
  • Try to turn off all communication devices after e.g. 8 p.m. Learn to be by yourself or with the people who accompany you this very moment.

Any more suggestions by readers?!

Please comment, all ideas are welcome.




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