To the next 70 great years for Europe!


The European Family – let’s stick together in crisis time instead of running for divorce!

European Readers:

As you know, Woodpecker is a great fan of the European idea.

I just came back from London today and have been to three other European countries already this year (Austria, Italy, Netherlands). And again and again I find it fantastic that finally we are living on a continent of peace, freedom, open borders, good relationship and even a common election throughout dozens of countries!

Whatever one might criticise of a European Union that – as all political and social constructs – is obviously not yet perfect and probably never will be, we always have to take into mind that freedom, peace and good relationships are not an automatically given thing – in fact it is a state quite new to this continent!

For 2.000 years or more, the people on this beautiful and unique patch of earth banged their heads, crossed swords, fired rifles and sent tanks at each other. And it is only 70 years ago that we finally overcame all of this crap and now live in one of the best places in this world in a harmony never seen before.

If you have not done yet, go and vote for the European parliament!

Let not pessimist, nationalists, populists and other narrow-minded people destroy what was built here!

Let not disappointed and angry people take the easy way and simply blame all the problems of this continent, its countries and economies on the EU as the new universal scape-goat.
Do not forget that many problems stem from other sources (demographics, greed, financial system imbalance, global competition, speculative bubbles to name a few) and that it is naive to think that weakening the EU would help in any way.

I firmly belief the opposite is true – we need Europe to have any weight in this world compared with the big chaps like China, Russia, the US etc.

Instead vote for something that might not be perfect yet but could very easily get replaced by something very nasty and much more unpleasant if we are not careful!

Woodpecker recommends:

Be optimistic! No one said it will be easy, but we will overcome current problems together.

Vote pro Europe! Vote against Nationalism!