Beer gardens – the Best Invention ever Made in Bavaria!

The Isar close to Pullach. Quite a nature feeling and only a jump away from the city center.

The Isar close to Pullach with Großhesseloher Bridge. Quite a nature feeling and only a jump away from the city center of Munich.

After a bit of moody time the last weeks, probably caused by thinking too much about such boring things as a career, this day was a great one.

Today, the Woodpecker family decided to have an excursion to one of the loveliest sides of Munich (if you are a nature lover):

The river Isar.

We took public transport up to the Zoo, but instead of joining the queue there to cram in with thousands that visit the Zoo on a weekend (instead of doing this on a weekday when it is relaxed and easy), we saved 20 EUR entrance and strolled slowly south on the banks of the river.

It was the first trip with the kids riding on their own bikes (while we old chaps were walking), thus speed was fortunately significantly above the typical 1 km/h.

We had a couple of picnics on our way and build a deluxe channel and a great dam in one of the pebble banks of the river. Boy, the water still is cold. But ah! Father and Son fun at its best! Nothing that money can ever buy you.

You can bring all your food (or even a grill), put your beer in the crystal clear water for cooling and enjoy a surprisingly nature feeling, only a few kilometers away from the city center. You can also go mountain biking in the slopes next to the river and some people even do kayaking or drive on large rafts made from wood and with a beer barrel and a band on board (no joke!).

The final of the tour was very obvious, if you are living in Bavaria:

A Bavarian Beergarden.

For those less familiar with Bavaria:

The best invention here is the Bavarian Beergarden.

Because a law from centuries ago states that in any beer garden in Bavaria you are allowed to bring your own food and only have to pay for the beer (and other drinks). Plus, they are often in marvelous settings under century old trees, as was our goal: the “Waldwirtschaft” in Pullach, in a fantastic location high on the bank of the Isar valley.

View to the left: Kids are happy.

View to the left: Kids are happy…

As most beer gardens, this one offers a kids playground, parents sit with their food and beer right next to that and can enjoy the sun.

And in this particular beer garden, a special feature is added: They have renowned jazz bands playing for free and live almost all over the years!
A very special atmosphere, and highly recommended, should you be in town (Link to Beergarden Waldwirtschaft).
Way back we took the suburban train that stops close by.

View to the right: Jazz music for free!

…View to the right: Jazz music for free!

We felt like eating out today and enjoyed the fantastic spare ribs they offer next to our beers, but if you bring your own food, this whole day trip would have costed you only 20 EUR for a family of four (2 x 5 EUR return trip sub & train, kids are free + 2 x 4 EUR beers + 2 x 1 EUR ice cream for the kids – no chance to be more frugal on the latter one 😉 ).





3 comments on “Beer gardens – the Best Invention ever Made in Bavaria!

  1. freebutfun says:

    Sounds like a lovely family day out. Pretty amazing law to be allowed to take your own food to the beer garden! Good news for us for when we one day actually get on our family interrail trip around Germany.
    Btw, would you or mrs Woodpecker have any good advice on how we should best spend a few hours in Munich on a girls trip with kids left home? We are on a mission, so only have a few hours before the programme starts. Any must sees or dos easily achieved and low cost?

    • mrwoodpecker says:

      Puh, not an easy question. Munich is obviously large enough to spend days there, so a few hours is not much and it depends on the time of the year, weather, time of the day obviously and preferences.

      But given you are there in summer and assuming weather is fine and you want to grasp a bit of the “Bavarian Flair”, I’d recommend this:

      You do a walk starting from the city center (Marienplatz), go to Viktualienmarkt (a market place around the corner), here you buy Brezn and food (they sell lovely food of all variety at this market). You continue via Odeonsplatz and Hofgarten, proceeding to English Garden, stroll along the creek Eisbach and then go to Beergarden “Chinesischer Turm” (chinese tower). You will not be the only tourist there, but still, it is a unique place, a lovely setting for a beergarden, often a (somewhat drunken) brass band is playing, and the beer is great. There you have the food you bought or alternatively you can buy food there, and chill out the rest of the day.

      4-5 hours should be sufficient for this, but not less or you will have to do it in a very untypical un-Bavarian rush.

      Enjoy and let me know how your trip was!


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