Poland and its lovely cities.

The historic harbour side of Danzig / Gdansk. A lovely spot! (more pics below)

The historic harbour side of Danzig / Gdansk. A lovely spot! (more pics below)

The Woodpecker clan’s summer tour continued from our sailing trip to Poland, Germany’s eastern neighbour.

Definitively a frugal option, as this place is quite affordable from a German point of view, and obviously much less crowded than southern countries.

And an exotic one as well.
A quick survey among Woodpeckers mates and colleagues showed that about 20% of them have already seen Thailand, but only 5% have seen Poland.

Did I like it?

Difficult to say.

Crossing the border to Poland. Left Germany, right Poland. No controls, nothing!  This is Europe, may it live long and prosper!

Crossing the border to Poland. Left Germany, right Poland. No controls, nothing!
This is Europe, may it live long and prosper!

Our round trip first took us from Rügen to Kolberg / Kolobrzeg (former German resp. Polish name)  a famous beach destination at the Baltic Sea.
The fine sanded and calm beach stretches out for more than 200km+ on Poland’s northern coast (no typo – due to the geology of the Baltic Sea, virtually all of Poland’s coast is beach.)
This is fantastic for beach lovers, however I personally prefer a little bit variety, e.g. some hills or mountains or cliffs plus little bays next to the sea, instead of endless flat lands.

Next we continued to Danzig / Gdansk.
A fantastic city, that beat all our expectations! A lovely old Hanse city, perfectly renovated and with a vibe and historical flair than will take you in its ban for sure, should you visit it.
Plus very affordable food in excellent restaurants on the river front, the historic place etc. Very good quality at very frugal prices – Woodpecker spent great parts of the days in fish restaurants, at prices half what you’d pay in Munich. Makes sense to take advantage of good value, as eating out at this prices strikes me quite ok. Thus, a frugal autumn/winter with much less restaurant thrills back at expensive home will be easy to stand!

We took a historic excursion by boat to Westerplatte, a little island where the Nazis started WWII on 1st September 1939, probably one of the saddest and most stupid moments in the history of my country and whole Europe.

Driving south toward Breslau / Wroclaw was kind of a bore and where exhausting, as the highway network is still quite limited in Poland. Landscape is flat, flat, flat, most villages or towns we passed did not seem interesting. No match to countries like Italy or France or Germany, where you stumble over beautiful spots or sights with every step you take. I guess the more hilly area in Poland’s South-East might be different…

Breslau / Wroclaw again was beautiful!
Especially the lovely town square, which we hit on a sunday. All the city seemed to meet up there in a way that radiated a quite southern atmosphere. Buildings and streets again form a very harmonic ensemble – you get to ask yourself why modern cities are never able to match this harmony.
Have we somehow lost some sense for this on the way?!

All in all it was a nice an affordable trip, very interesting to get to learn a bit more about our neighbor, and the cities very beautiful.

However, Poland is not a southern nation, so weather was a bit mixed, and even colder than average in Germany. Plus the countryside is a bit uniform.

So I guess next year we will be heading south again 😉

I’d recommend to visit the cities Danzig, Breslau (and Kraków probably) directly, or as a short trip, should you have the opportunity. You will not regret it.




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4 comments on “Poland and its lovely cities.

  1. freebutfun says:

    Krakow is a definitive go-go! I went there the first time in the end of the 90’s, and the second time a couple of years ago, and the change is massive. It is beautifully restored, and even on the country side around Krakow people take good care of their yards and houses. Also, the change in the attitude to speaking English was enormous: the first time in Poland nobody spoke English with me, lucky I was travelling with a pole ;), and the second time everyone as happy to, even elderly people where happy to try their best and communicate. In restaurants where menus where not in English nor German (plenty of those in Krakow too), the staff was happy to help out, and as we were travelling with a toddler, they often offered to cook us food just for her as well, Amazing (and then we went to Prague where I in the tourist information asked how to best get somewhere, and the answer was: can’t you google)! Have to try Gdansk one day!

    • mrwoodpecker says:

      Sounds great, will earmark it for a trip to come. Its not too close to Munich though, and I avoid flying since having to pay for 4 tickets ;). But might be worth a road trip combined with Slovakia.

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