A chilly trip to Croatia

Zadar, Croatia, Thunderstorm approaching.

Zadar, Croatia, Thunderstorm approaching.

Woodpecker clan is back from it’s little spring trip.

After the beautiful and relaxing Ljubljana we continued to our camp site in Croatia.
This was planned to be this years beaching highlight (as summer will bring an inland trip to Romania) – but boy, had we a shitty weather!

With rain virtually every day and temperatures well below 20 degree C most of the time. And then the wind!

Not really what you expect when you are up to a new sand-castle record with the kids.

So actually the only person who had a minimal bathing experience (would go so far and call it fun), was Woodpecker who forced himself to the sea for 10 minutes on a relatively dry day.

But what can I say?

Thanks to the kids, who once again proved amazingly immune against mood-swings due to bad weather, Mrs Woodpecker and me somehow managed to maintain a good spirit and after all it was a pretty good time down there! (although the single pullover and the single long trouser I brought were quite sticky after a week or so while the pile of short cloth remained untouched in the car.)

Actually the good thing is that few situations lack a positive side to them.

In our case, we had ample chance to test the rain-proofeness of our new (and fortunately very large) tent in all sorts of precipitation:

– light rain

– dripping rain

– enduring heavy rain

– horizontal wind gust driven rain

– heavy thunderstorm rain

– ordinary splashing rain.

So now we know: The tent is waterproof! A good thing to know in fact, isn’t it?

Another pro was the entire relief from any time pressure at all.

I mean we all seldom took so much time to get up in the morning, I don’t think I ever spent so long under a warm shower before, we often extended cozy breakfasts in “bed” until noon or so and when rain was pausing we strolled with amazing slowness through a little village or countryside we did excursions to.

Belief it or not, being forced to do so little was an experience in itself!

And then, the few time the sun came through: Ahhhh!

This were quite magical moments!

People flocking out to the open, breathing the fresh rain washed air, the light magic with a clear and crisp blue sky with contrasting heavy clouds in it and the light a paradise for a photographer.

See yourself (hover for captions, click to enlarge):

Next post I’ll add some fantastic pictures from an excursion to the Plitvice lakes (see here). Got lucky there and full sunlight the whole day!




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