Ljubljana (plus Postojna) – a real gem in South Central Europe

The Slovenian National Flag at the castle.

The Slovenian National Flag on top of the Ljubljana castle.

Travel time again!

This time, the Woodpecker clan headed out to the South East of Europe, a region a bit less well-known to us so far – and yet so beautiful.

Final destination was some beach time in Croatia (see some of the next posts on how nature did not agree to our plans on that).

But as a first stop we checked in to the capital of Slovenia:

Ljubljana, a real gem far beyond Woodpecker’s expectations!

Actually, the city is a great spot to relax, simply walk around and soak up the somehow rural and laid back feeling of this small but beautiful and diversified country.

In fact, I have never seen a capital anywhere on the world so laid back and with that kind of “village” flair like Ljubljana, and belief me, I have seen quite a lot of capitals so far. (only thing I saw as calm as Ljubljana was maybe Canberra in Australia, but this was more calm in a boring way to me, whereas Ljubljana comes in calm in a “enjoy a relaxed life” way).

Ljubljana sits in a beautiful surrounding at some small rivers between high peeks of the Alps on the horizon, it has about 250.000 inhabitants, and even the most lazy of you can reach everything by foot. Plus a funicular railway up to the castle hill if you are really that lame or have kids who enjoy riding vehicles as much at junior Woodpecker.

The most beautiful area is however the promenades and places around the river Ljubljanica with plenty of cafes and chill out places in the shade.

A great place for around three days. Not much more perhaps, but these three days you will enjoy utterly!

See yourself (hover for captions, click to enlarge):

Next stop took us to the absolute amazing

Caves of Postojna.

Simply amazing!
And benchmark setting for Woodpecker in terms of caves.

The caves are so huge that you would be able to put a dwarf city like the “Mines of Moria” there. A real Lord of the Rings setting, that is.

Actually, they even have a bridge like the “Durins bridge” in Moria that is crossed by the fellowship in “Lord of the Rings” (see pic below).

And the cave is so huge that you enter it by a roller coaster like train. It is running at high-speed through the first 3 km of the cave system. And it is VERY narrow. Stick out your head and you’d be beheaded for sure. Creepy!

See yourself (hover for captives, click to enlarge):

Next stop on this trip was close to Zadar, Croatia.




5 comments on “Ljubljana (plus Postojna) – a real gem in South Central Europe

  1. Woody says:

    Oh, yes! My wife has been to Ljubljana before and was also excited. Slovenia is easily overlooked in Europe and your post reminds me to put this one on the list of places to travel as well.
    Where have you been living? Did you once again choose a youth hostel for the stay (like you did in Vienna)?

    • mrwoodpecker says:

      Hi Woody,

      actually the Youth Hostel in the very center of the city (name is “Tresor”) has excellent reviews. However, as they don’t have a parking lot, we stayed at a place called “bit Hotel” (http://www.bit-center.net/) 3 km outside the center. The room was not huge, but very clean, new, good beds, modern bathroom and absolutely quite at night. Price was around 55 EUR per night for a three bed room including breakfast. They also have a hostel attached that comes in even cheaper, but we took the Hotel room.
      Can really recommend the place to everybody who plans to sleep there only and doesn’t mind the bus drive to the center.


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