The library – the most profitable investment in your life!

Libraries are as old as civilization - though the selection of books available at this one might be limited...(seen at Pataya, Turkey)

Libraries are as old as civilization – though the selection of books available at this one might be limited…(seen at Patara, Turkey)

Like conventional families go to the mall shopping to have a good day, at Woodpecker’s we have the habit to visit our local library about once a week.

Boy, this is always good fun and sure for free!

The kids are so keen to go there, it always turns out to be a first class event for them, and an educated one as well! We started the habit about 2 1/2 years ago, when the older boy (he is now 3 1/2 years old) started to consume kids book by the dozen.
Actually these days we source 90% of our media demand from the library, but I am surprised that there are still people who never use it! And I’m in deep regret I didn’t discover it earlier.

At least here in Munich, libraries are spread out all over town, and they have kids corners for all ages, kids film, science books for all ages, board games, movies, music, travel guides, audio books, computer programs, you name it!

You just do a nice excursion there by bike, load in a stack of stuff while the kids happily and with a broad smile screen new books or search for their favorite DVD and you have a good time until your next visit.

A big hit to our Amazon purchases.

Let’s look at an estimate:

Item lend Per visit Per year (30 visits) Cost saved p.a.
Kids books 5 50 (very repetitive) EUR 500
Kids DVDs 3 30 (even more repetitive) EUR 450
Board games 0,2 5 EUR 150
Books for us 3 90 EUR 750
Music CDs 0,5 15 EUR 150
Audio Books 1 30 EUR 450
Movies 1 30 EUR 450
Travel Guides 5 EUR 100
Special Books (Science, Handbooks, coffee-table books 10 EUR 250
Total EUR 3.250
Healthy bike kilometers 6 km 180 km
Cost of 2 library cards EUR -40
Return on Investment 8125% !!

A return on investment of 8125% on our library cards!
Savings of 3.250 EUR per year by an investment of 40 EUR. That is 32.500 EUR savings over 10 years! (Or still ~10.000 EUR, assuming you’d have bought used books/media instead)

That’s what I call a good performance! I’d wish there would be more deals out there like this one.

But I’d guess the library card will stay the single most best investment in your life!

So go for it today!

Of course there are still a lot of occasions where we buy from Amazon. TV Serials e.g., as there is no TV at Woodpeckers. Or special books/movies/software not available at the library. In this cases we mostly order at Amazon UK which is much cheaper than Amazon Germany and you can actually log in there with your German user name!And later we resell the used stuff in Germany.
Quite often, I even made a profit out of movies or books that way!



2 comments on “The library – the most profitable investment in your life!

  1. AJ says:

    We (well, my other half more than I) discovered our local library a few months ago here in London.

    Since then we’ve made good use of it and, like you, our Amazon purchases have dropped considerably!

    Whenever I see or hear of a book I might like, I first check if it’s in the local library (three libraries actually, all of which our card covers and are close by), then look second hand on eBay, before resorting to Amazon.

    Thanks for the blog I enjoy the read.

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