A short trip to Merano, Italy

Castle Tirol near Meran. Great hike, good food and fun for the kids.

Castle Tirol near Meran. Great hike, good food and fun for the kids.

Four days off, the weather in Munich disgusting, and Woodpecker families holiday budget 2013 yet untouched?

Three reasons to pack the bags and head out for a quick surprise trip to Northern Italy – Merano it is.

A really beautiful small town surrounded by impressive mountains but deep down in a valley at only 300m height. Making for on of the most spectacular climates in Central Europe. Palm trees and cactuses wherever you look, but surrounded and shielded against the clouds by snow-covered peaks of 2500+ meters.

Shielded against all clouds?

Well, unfortunately not. Though promising more than 300 days of lush sunshine per year, we saw only one of those, plus two days of grey and one day of downright terrible weather. However, temperature was well around 12 degrees C. These days you have to be thankful even for this, with wide parts of Europe still in the icy grip of winter and fresh snow in Munich right now as I gaze out of the window.

White mountain peaks in the mist over the roofs of Meran.

White mountain peaks in the mist over the roofs of Meran.

Anyway, Merano is highly recommended, especially for those living e.g. in southern Germany. Only 3,5 hrs drive from Munich, a beautiful and relaxed city, good food, and fantastic surroundings. With loads of old castles, perfect hiking, walking and mountain-biking paths, wine plantations, great gardens, cable cars, clear streams and rough mountain tops, you name it!

We did one walking tour to some nearby old castles with little Woodpecker on his little bike and very little Woodpecker carried. The rainy day we spent in the local thermal bath – a great spot to idle away bad weather.

And costs were low, mainly due to the local youth hostel – a great accommodation for only 44 EUR per night, all four of us. Private bath, clean, calm, central and good breakfast. This is how it should be always!

All in all, the plan is to dramatically increase this kind of low effort, low-cost short trips in 2013 – given Woodpecker families preferences of curiosity and sense of adventure, they simply add a lot of life quality an easy way and on low-budget.

Move away from the sofa, head out and explore your surroundings as well!




2 comments on “A short trip to Merano, Italy

  1. […] off we went, and as the beautiful city of Merano was covered already last year (one month later and with MUCH worse weather), we only had to choose […]

  2. I visited Merano, when i was in the Val Passiria hotel http://www.stroblhof.com/ in italy. I think it is a very nice place. Hope to go there again

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