A great Winters Day in the Mountains – The perfect Happiness Booster

Some good local food on a mountain hut tops every 3* restaurant you can imagine.

Some good local food on a mountain hut tops every 3*** restaurant you can imagine.

This weekend the Woodpecker family + grandparents in law spent a perfect day doing a sledge tour in the nearby Alps.

We started in the typical grey winter mist hanging over Munich since 6 weeks now and went to a little lake calledSpitzingsee, about 1100m above sea level, where the magic of the winter mountains was waiting for us:

Dark blue skies without the slightest cloud, a bright sun, very cold, clean and crisp air in the lungs, a bit of mystic for on the frozen lake and the trees and all the landscape covered with fresh fluffy snow that is creaking under your shoes.
Simply fantastic!

Prepare for a downhill race!

Prepare for a downhill race!

The trail took us up on a maybe two-hour walk to a mountain hut, the baby tied to Woodpeckers back and happily watching the snow-covered trees and the boy tossed sitting on his sledge and smiling like King Lui.

Up on the hut typical Bavarian food and beer was waiting – and if you ever did hiking or skiing in the mountains, then you know how wonderful all food up there tastes. Maybe it is because of the body workout or due to clean air or low air pressure – but eating in the mountains is always a kind of revelation to me – even if it is the most simple food that is served – maybe even more so in that case.

Obviously the downhill ride that followed some extended snow-playing was the biggest fun, and it is fair to say it was the single most greatest sledge ride Woodpecker ever had. Not because it was a fancy slope or a particularly high speed, but the first ride with your own son is simply special and even more so on a great day like this.

Total cost for 6 persons: 30 EUR for transport, 7 EUR sledge rental, 50 EUR eating out. Total 87 EUR or 15 EUR per person. And it can be down to 5 EUR p.p. if you bring own food and sledges.

So here you go again:

Most people haunt the wrong stuff. In fact the greatest things in life have nothing to do with money or being rich. But they depend on going out of your door, recognizing and enjoying the things that are out there, using your body and having pleasant company.

View over to mountain "Rotwand" - a bavarian classic hiking in summer time.

View over to mountain “Rotwand” – a Bavarian classic hiking destination in summer time.

Put these things together:

Nature, Activity, Friends/Family, free time and you automatically will have a great day – a day greater than anybody has who earns a million dollars per year but is missing one of this ingredients.

Add some good local food, a bit of luck with the weather and an open mind and attitude and you will not only have a great day, but very likely a perfect one, with happiness added on top for free!




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