How adsurd: An invitation to an A&F store opening in Munich

How stupid do you have to be to think this is an "event"?! (Opening of A&F store in Munich, Photo: Merkur)

How stupid do you have to be to think this is an “event”?! (Opening of A&F store in Munich, Photo: Merkur)

OMG, whatever it is worth or not worth apart from this, Facebook is always good for some fun / amazement about the world of the unfrugal common.

The other day I got an invitation of a distant Facebook-“friend”, celebrating the opening of an Abercrombie&Fitch Store in Munich which he went 200km (150mls) to Munich to see for.
What can I say? That might be excusable if the guy was a teenie of let’s say 16 years age, amazed and fooled in the same instant by the glamorous consume options of a modern world to which his parents have no access to.
But no, guess how old he is? Mid 30, like Woodpecker, and a solid man, working in an advanced position in an internationally well-respected consultancy firm.
I mean, what’s wrong? Spending a nice Saturday off in your car going 200km to crowded downtown Munich, just to cramp together with other stupid people and to wait for an super-expensive cloth shop to open its holy gates the first time?

Is this something you later tell your grand-children?

“Look you grandkids, those where the great old times, and your grandpa was THERE! I saw it! I was one of the few chosen happy ones who actually joined that great party in the magic November 2012, when we were so close to happiness. When the new A&F flagship shop in Sendlinger Strasse, Munich, opened it’s gates for the very first time! I was young and this was the GREATEST MOMENT in my life!! I wish I could go back and see it again!”

Will this be the story of a life-time? And Woodpecker foolishly declined and missed out something that important again ?
Well, to be honest, I don’t think so ;).
Probably the kiddies would only look up from their actual hightech-gadgets for 3 seconds and say:

“WHAT?! A&C? Never ever heard about it, but my internet says they where totally and absolutely irrevocably OUT only 2 years later! Why do you have nothing really COOL to tell us, like some adventures, crossing the atlantic on an analog sail-boat or climbing a hill without using a teleporter?!? Did you not have a real life then in the 2010s?!”

But seriously, I still don’t get it:

Is working in a big consulting firm even that more brain-washing than I already thought? Or is this just another sign that consumer madness and materialism has a so huge share of the population in a firm grip?
Well ok, let me stop ranting. So be it, and maybe there is something good in it as well: The hundreds of people clogging Sendlinger Straße that saturday were at least not flocking to the mountains, so that it was a bit less crowded there for the few sane of us others. Let them have their glamour religion, if they let us the real part of the world…




3 comments on “How adsurd: An invitation to an A&F store opening in Munich

  1. Anonymous says:

    “an Abercrombie&Fitch Store”

    Sorry, but could you please explain, what kind of goods this store sells?

    • mrwoodpecker says:

      Actually it speaks for you that you don’t know them.
      I never have been inside a store, so correct me if I am wrong, but they sell overpriced cloths and their “marketing” strategy is to keep supply very limited (only few stores), so that people who buy that stuff somehow feel unique. Like in the old times the “Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur”-Shirts etc.


      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks. Just checked their homepage. They offer Long Johns for 58 €, which is indeed somewhat crazy…

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