Happiness comes unexpected

A simple hike in the mountains might provide a better happiness boost than a new TV. (pic taken close to Füssen, Bavaria)

A very short and maybe unspectacular post, but I had to note down an observation before going to bed…

Spent the afternoon at the local playground with the kids. In the beginning I was not that motivated to go, because, you know, it’s always the same playground, and sometimes you just are too lazy to get your ass out of the door.

However, my mood lifted considerably when the older boy (3 years) had so much fun climbing a tree there.

A bit later we got into talk with another couple (who Mrs Woodpecker knew faintly from some were) with similar aged kids, and it turned out that the guy is a very dedicated sailor! Well – poof – Woodpeckers prior laziness was exchanged against enthusiastic stories about boats, the sea and the forces of nature.

And first plans were made for a potential common sailing trip for the next year!

I was always looking for another family to arrange a sailing trip with, because it’s not that easy to find somebody seriously interested in this, and here they are, living only two streets away.

Well, ok, Woodpecker, stop boring me with your sailing stuff, what’s the insight now?!

1) The insight is once again, that happiness lies just in front of your door, cannot be planned and requires time and giving it a chance.

Stuff all your life with packed diaries, and try to plan happiness like a project and schedule it for Friday from 18hrs-20hrs and you are likely not to find it. You might find some fun but not happiness.
Happiness comes around when you are not looking for it. While doing a hike, a trip on your bike, while having a chat or while being on the playground.

2) And that making new friends or getting to know someone new is one of the major happiness boosters in live – totally for free!

This is also an old finding of happiness research and obviously pretty common knowledge. However, many people seem to forget about it slowly and it’s always nice to see that it still applies.
Thus investing time in getting to know people in a relaxed atmosphere always pays!





One comment on “Happiness comes unexpected

  1. […] new acquaintances (a father who is into sailing) at the local playground (LINK).  Cost: 0 […]

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