Italy Part 6: San Vito Lo Capo and Genoa

Some impressions from the Area around San Vito Lo Capo on Sicily (ctd. from this post):

Coastline close to the camping site. Lovely in the late summer evening sun…

Same spot, view to the other direction.

A hiking tour in the nearby national park.

The beach of San Vito Lo Capo: Why fly all the way to the Caribbean?!

A palm recovering from a wildfire.

Watchtower in the evening sun.

A nice excursion took us to the old town of Erice, another “Lord of the Rings” setting, build high up above the sea:

A quite mystical feeling came up here: Erice in the clouds.

Mist creeping up from the sea.

A castle like from a fantasy movie…

Impressive ceiling carvings in the cathedral of Erice (14th century).

This was our last station on Sicily. Then we took the ferry from Palermo to Genoa (24hrs ride).


As Genoa offers one of the best naval museums in Europe, Woodpecker (as a dedicated sailing and naval fan) definitely had to make a stop there.

We were quite positively surprised by Genoa, typically not a destination that is on top of your list when you think about Italy, but actually a very rewarding one:
The town is stuffed with impressive buildings, palaces, streets and churches, partly reaching back to Genoa’s great times in the 12th and 13th century, when it was one of the Maritime Republics and one of the most powerful cities at that time.

Also it has an interesting setting, what I’d call a 3D-City. Meaning it is built on hills so steep, that you always have to take the height dimension into account.
E.g. when we drove from the ferry port to the youth hostel we stayed in, that was only 1 km (0,6 miles) away on the map, but actually a 9(!)km drive up the steep windy road. But then the view was fantastic!

A yes, and then there is the birth house of Christopher Columbus and a great Aquarium for those of you interested or having kids…

Porto Antico in Genoa.

Many great palaces there, but narrow roads…

…make it difficult to take pictures. I need a fish eye lens!

A funny fellow in the Aquarium (No worries they have all the big stuff as well)

A model of the “Santa Maria”, flagship of Christopher Columbus.

Inside a life-scale model of a Galey, the typical warship up to the 16th century.

Well, after 3 days, we had to leave Genoa and drive back to Munich, so unfortunately this year’s journey is over and winter is waiting…

It was a great trip, with about 7 weeks exactly the right length in my opinion 😉 .
(I’ll write some key findings about travelling with kids and have fun while keeping an eye at the budget in a separate post).

Ah yes, and after a first estimation, we managed to beat the planned budget by almost 20%! Yeah!

Hope to do something like this again in the near future! And let me know if you have ideas or experiences on rewarding destinations, I am always happy about 1st hand info…



3 comments on “Italy Part 6: San Vito Lo Capo and Genoa

  1. Good Deed says:

    Stunning… Really stunning pics…

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