Italy – part 2: La Spezia Region

Tellaro, sitting on a little rock above the sea.

As indicated in the last post, the next stop on Woodpecker family’s Italy trip was La Spezia in Liguria.

We decided for a hotel in the middle of the city, and quite frankly I was not so sure beforehand if this would be a good choice to stay in the town center with the little kids and all, but it turned out to be a great idea.

Hotels in Italian cities are quite cheap in summer time, as most local people head for beach places and business guest stay away too. So we paid about 80 EUR (100 $) per night for the 4 of us in a quite good and spacious room with excellent breakfast. Best thing was that the back-entrance was virtually in the pedestrian area. From there it was about 10 minutes walk in one direction to the train station where the trains to Cinque terre leave, and 10 min walk in the other direction to the boat stations and bus terminal that connect you to some more amazingly beautiful villages in the area in less than 15min each. And on your way back to your hotel you can have a reasonably priced drink on La Spezia’s plazas among LOCALS (a rare thing in touristic areas…)!

Windows in Portovenere.
These guys learned early how to build high-rise buildings…well, more or less, as on their mountain back side these houses have only 2 floors…

The city center of Lerici (very good ice cream there), seen from the massive castle overlooking the bay.

Harbour of Riomaggiore, the southernmost village of the Cinque Terre.

Transport by train or bus is 2 EUR (2,5 $) p.P. and trip so you can have a lot of fun visiting the places shown here plus hiking the great area between the villages on a very low budget. And you can easily avoid the massively overpriced and crowded accomodations and restaurants in the villages themselves!

The villages in the region (the 5 cinque terre villages, where we visited only 2) plus Portovenere, Lerici and Tellaro are all set in an almost surrealistic beautiful landscape, and all of them seem to cling to the surrounding mountains as if fearing to slide into the sea. They are all characterised by tiny little alleyways and long, steep stairways which are infinitely fun to explore – also for kids.

Little alleyway in Manarola – Cinque Terre.

The Harbour of Manarola.
Small sometimes is beautiful…

Would you like a nice pizza in a historical setting? This is the place.

You’d better not bring a car here.

Even if it is more expensive, I’d recommend to do one or two boat rides, as the views from the seaside are magnificent.

Obviously you should avoid peak hours, but now in September the biggest rush seemed to have passed by already.

Oh yes, and there are some nice beaches as well! Most of them small but with very charming views!

Beach close to Lerici.
More to the left you would see the castle of Lerici from your beach towel…

Ok, that’s it for the moment, next update will be on Piombino/Tuscany region but with less pictures as the weather is really sh** at the moment…




5 comments on “Italy – part 2: La Spezia Region

  1. Wow! Nice post here Woodpecker. I’ve never been in Liguria, I think it’s a very nice and interesting place to visit by just looking at your pictures. It’s really inviting. Nice photos, by the way especially the first one.

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