Time: The Ultimate Killer and Most Important Ressource

Ticking away the hours that make up a dull day…

OK guys, this is a more philosophical one, but sitting here in the night with the sound of the mediterranean waves in the ears and only the stars above (kids fortunately sleeping happily), that’s just what fits.

So let’s go:

Travelling for a longer time and with the luxury to do so with a quasi-open end leads to an interesting phenomenon sooner or later:

You completely lose your sense for time. Or you gain it. Difficult to say which of both.

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Italy Part 4 – Tropea/Calabria

I still didn’t find out why all historical Italian cities are built on the very top of the highest mountain around – but it sure looks charming! (Castellabate seen from the hotel pool)

Next stop on Woodpecker family’s 2012 Italy travels:

The beautiful city of Tropea in Calabria.

Actually the drive was quite strenuous. On a map this in only 150 km (93 miles) as the eagle flies. But it turned out to be a 7 hrs drive (without breaks), quite a lot if you have two bored little kids in the backseats. Total driving distance was 300 km (185miles) with an average of less than 50 km (30 mph).

Tell you the reason why:

The pics below are from that road, which is supposed to be THE major connector road in the region!

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Money should be the means and not a goal.

Another one in my collection of “nice beaches within cosy surroundings”. The beach in St.Maria de Castellabate, Cilento, Italy. View to your right…

You probably know the phenomenon:

When travelling, or general when being in new situations, one starts to see things different, or additional ideas pop up that are faded out as long as you are struggling in the daily thread-mill.

Something crossed my mind the last days:

Not to confuse the goals of life and means to reach them

The goal clearly should be a maximum amount of happiness and well-being. And it is not to forget that frugal living – the topic I wrote, read and discussed most about in the last months – is only a means to reach that goal. Strictly saying it is only one out of several means. Continue reading

Italy – part 3: Piombino, Tuscany region

Campiglia Marittima,Tuscany. Stairs and steep ways is what they love!

Next stop on Woodpecker’s Italy adventure was Tuscany, close to the port city of Piombino.

This was gives as we met friends there and stayed one week together in a double-appartment. They continued to Sardegna, so the stop had to be close to Piombino (their ferry port).

I didn’t expect much of the region, but again, Italy surprised me!

The negative surprise was the weather, a lot of rain, the first rain actually since April as locals told me.

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Italy – part 2: La Spezia Region

Tellaro, sitting on a little rock above the sea.

As indicated in the last post, the next stop on Woodpecker family’s Italy trip was La Spezia in Liguria.

We decided for a hotel in the middle of the city, and quite frankly I was not so sure beforehand if this would be a good choice to stay in the town center with the little kids and all, but it turned out to be a great idea.

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