A frugal trip to Northern Germany, or: Why Europe is a great place to live.

Timmendorf Beach at the Baltic Sea, close to Lübeck and Hamburg. (Bah, cell-phone photos suck!)

Back from a very pleasant short trip to northern Germany.

And a frugal one as well!

We first went to Mrs. Woodpecker’s family in Hamburg, stayed there for around 10 days. We explored (not for the first time of course) the really impressing hanseatic city of Hamburg. If you come to Germany, don’t miss this one – definitely one of favorites.

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Insurance: How much do you pay against your fears?

A threatening view. But do you really need insurance against this in your home-town?! (seen from a restaurant in Costa Rica – for those of you that know the “Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy”: I felt like being in the “Restaurant at the end of the universe”.)

Insurance plays a major role in a typical household’s budget. Anyone trying to live more frugally should thus pay some attention on optimizing his insurance package.

Disclaimer:I am not an insurance expert. This expresses only some ideas for thoughts I collected and is not a recommendation. Everybody should additionally do his own research and has to make his/her own decision dependent on individual circumstances!

Let me start with some facts that I collected about insurance:

  • From all collected premiums insurance companies need – depending on the type of insurance – about 20% to cover their administration costs.
  • Listed Insurance companies will need some of their premiums to generate returns for their shareholders. Mutual insurance companies don’t.
  • Brokerage can make up to 10% or more of your premiums. Typically it is deducted in the first years from you premiums, thus the first (and most valuable years) will not yield many investment returns for you.
  • In certain insurance types, e.g. personal liability, up to 20% of claims that are paid arise from costs for fraud (somebody telling the insurance he sat down on someone elses glasses etc.).

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A new era of work, Part 1

In medieval times, some workplaces where quite dangerous, but certainly not boring… What is the situation today?! (Seen at Kaltenberger Medieval Festival, Bavaria)

As everybody I had my fair amount of quarrels with my parents, but one thing is for sure:

They certainly were not narrow-minded.

And I think for their time, they already lived a quite progressive live if I compare it with the really mouldy times then in the german 80s.

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Deciding against Career

The last weeks I have been very busy and my so much appreciated life-work-balance got skewed quite a bit to the wrong side…

Reason was that a team head position became surprisingly vacant in my company and the job description actually happened to fit my professional profile very well. So well indeed that I could not other than starting to think if I want to apply, because my chances seemed quite fair.

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