#8 Blogging Language: Bad English rules the world

Those days with all the financial crisis stuff and what not, it might be a rare confession, but I admit:

I am one of those these days rare “European”- feeling guys on this continent. Well, hopefully we are not too few after all…because, hey, despite all troubles, this continent is a great one and it is going to stay around for quite some while – so why not stay friends after all?

Anyway, actually the viewing angle of this blog will often be from a German or European point of view. Reason is that I am living here and most of my personal experience originates in Germany or Europe. At the same time there seems to be a lack of blogging activity and general media coverage of the art-of-living- and downshiftig- topic , at least in Germany and to my knowledge also in most other countries here in Europe (always happy to hear about other activity, though!), whereas many of the blogs I see in that direction are coming from the US.

However I decided to write in (bad) English, because as you know the language spoken most in the world is bad English and I deliberately want to keep the discussion open for those of you who are non-German readers and learn about the input you might have.

But for those folks not so happy writing in English: German posts are warmly welcome as well, so go ahead! If I really concentrate I can also read a bit of French and Spanish, but don’t expect too much langue skills from me there 😉

Have a nice day,


3 comments on “#8 Blogging Language: Bad English rules the world

  1. cruxfilm says:

    Amen brother! 😉

    As a fellow German living in Berlin with a British flatmate and a French girlfriend who lives in Paris I’m happy I found your blog. Indeed there are way too few good German blogs, especially on topics like financial independence, frugality and such. At least that I know of.

    Wenn Du mir da Tipps geben kannst, nehme ich die sehr gerne an. Habe auch auf Reddit, wo ich neulich erstmals auf Early Retirement Extreme und Financial Independence als Plan an sich aufmerksam gemacht wurde, eine entsprechende Frage gestellt, die mich zu Deinem Blog geführt hat—evtl. möchtest Du da auch Deinen Beitrag geben: http://www.reddit.com/r/financialindependence/comments/19j6ex/any_germans_here_who_could_share_some_thoughts/


    • mrwoodpecker says:

      Thanks for the link, will definitely have a look.

      Unfortunatelly no, I currently don’t know any other German downshifting-blogs (seems German’s find it hard to downshift 😉 ), but in case I find one, I’ll add it to the blog-roll.


  2. Viverl says:

    Ich bin von MrMoneyMustache hierher gekommen um mehr Einblicke auf den deutschen Finanzmarkt zu bekommen und über Möglichkeiten für frugality in Deutschland mehr zu erfahren. Bin gespannt (lese chronologisch das ganze Blog!)

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