#7 Bury your Blackberry! Separate Job and Spare-Time

This could be so relaxing…

A nice day at the beach.

Waves are splashing, the sky is blue, a nice breeze is cooling the summer heat. You are sitting in an arm chair, listening to some good music on your mp3-player, reading a magazine or a good book.

Then suddenly you are interrupted by a humming sound coming from your beach-bag!It is your Blackberry, and while you try to keep on reading you think by yourself it could be very very important and it might be absolutely necessary that you react IMMEDIATELY, because if you don’t, your employer will go bust the other day, or even worse the economy of your country will instantly fall apart.

So you try to resist for a moment, you try to re-concentrate on the surf and the sun, but your relaxation is gone and 10 seconds later you grab the Blackberry and hectically open your post-box.
But it was only a colleague, sending a mail @all to ask if anyone wants to join for lunch.

Ah, Relax again….

…but 10 minutes later, same humming, same game.

This time it’s your boss, apologizing only very briefly for contacting you in your well earned holidays, but it is VERY important.

…Relaxation gone.

You spend the rest of the day sending eMails, trying to remember if you messed up something and trying to calm down your girlfriend or wife who complains about you working in holidays.

Your employer might say YES:

This is a helpful and so-modern device, and you as a flexible, dynamic, so-modern young employee should use it to your own benefit, you stay updated and you don’t miss out.

I say its bullshit:

This is a modern type of ball and chain or shackle (Fussfessel), binding you to your work even in your well deserve some spare time. It’s dragging you like Sauron’s Ring the ring-wraths in their sleepless death.
It forces you to never sleep and never rest without a spark of duty lingering still in your head. It ties you to the machine and keeps you in the middle of the rat-race with the most simple trick: Pretending it’s for your own best. And pretending it underpins your Status and your Importance.

I tell you:

Get rid of this shackle and let others feel important!

Ban it!

If you are an employee most likely you are not important. But tell you what? It’s great not to be important! Accept it and benefit from that fact! Because that means you can enjoy the sun and the company will not go bust, the world will not end if you cannot be reached by your employer. Forget about your employer when you are in holidays and look for somthing or somebody you are really important for.

I am resisting a Blackberry since I was first offered one 6 years ago by my then-boss. And you know what? It’s great! When I am travelling for my company I can concentrate on my task, I don’t get distracted and annoyed by stuff happening at home. If I am in a meeting I listen, and if everybody else gets bored and starts typing on their blackberries, I still could join in and pull out my private cell-phone and play a game (which really is the same thing in the end).

I don’t feel important, but I don’t feel stressed either.

And when I am in holiday! Ahhhh…I enjoy the sun and the sound of the waves…!

Have fun,


3 comments on “#7 Bury your Blackberry! Separate Job and Spare-Time

  1. Right on. Mobile phones are time-sucks, period! Even when people aren’t using them for work, they’re taken to a place that is not where they are. It’s become so common for folks to have their faces shoved in that glowing screen for hours at a time, losing themselves in a digital labyrinth that they just can’t seem to find themselves out of and be here, now, with the people around them.

  2. […] Spend more time offline and without news / internet. Definitly no blackberry outside office-hours! […]

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