#1 Today is a good day to live!

How do I live a relaxed, financially independent and happy life without too much effort?
How can I work less and yet make more out of my money? Have more fun and be happier while getting rid of all that annoying stress and workload that keeps surrounding me?

This is my topic here.

But first, let me introduce myself:

well, thats not me, and not even my name patron, but of course I sympathise with this little fellow…

In short, Woodpecker is a very common guy. I would say a bit above average financially well off, not especially gifted but not untalented either, well educated and quite handsome (no, kidding, average also in this respect…). But no rich daddy, no elitist university, no lottery winner or something. One of what you would call typical middle-class in Germany.
I am around mid 30s, 2 kids (3 and ½ years old) and I live in Munich/Bavaria/Germany/Europe. (For those of you from outside Europe: Just put your thumb on the middle of my home-continent, and you are likely to hit Munich, town of beer, lederhosen and what not…)


wanna go skiing?!

Munich: A great town, but not Paris, not New York or Tokio. Just a town, a bit expensive unfortunately (for Germany at least – you guys from the really “big” towns would laugh at me probably here) but nicely located.
I work for a medium-sized unspectacular company, it’s not booming, but it’s not doing too bad either, I’m not unhappy with my salary but it’s far from Silicon Valley or London city wages.
So what about this boring guy then?

The thing about me is that I have a goal:

I want to find a way to live as much of my life as possible in a happy and fulfilling way. In a way I determine – without my bosses, a low bank-account, the state, the society and other annoying people interfering. And I am determined to do it now and here and not at some maybe-later-point-in-time when I am retired or old or found an oil-well in my garden or something.

You know what I am talking about – don’t you?!

I just want to be financially independent, have fun with my family, have freedom in time and space and be happy and relaxed. And I want to live without the stress of working, of justifying, of counting down the days to the next salary or holiday or something. The life I’m aiming at is a real and self-determined life! …and not the sad thing that so many people out there are living, often without the need to do so…

“This guy is crazy, that’s not possible. At least not for us poor ordinary people without loads of money in the background.”

Well, if you think so, let me proof you that you are wrong!
And if you don’t think so, join me as well and let me and others hear your comments and tell us how you found your personal freedom and happiness.

I work on this project since a decade now, and let me tell you:

It is possible to work less, to live without stress, happily, mentally and financially independent for much more people than one might think.

Maybe you are one of those without knowing yet!

I am proud to say that my family and me made quite some progress here already. It’s not perfect yet but the journey goes on! The point is just: you have to start controlling your life some day and stop letting other people or circumstances control you. And you have to get rid of those ties which might not be so tight in the end once you pull them a bit.

So sail out with me and join me with this blog and we will see how far we can get!

And don’t be suspicious: I’m not member of a strange sect or trying to sell you dubious financial products or something. 😉

See you at post #2, cheers,


5 comments on “#1 Today is a good day to live!

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  3. Moonwaves says:

    Greetings from Düsseldorf. I’ve found your blog as I’ve been reading through MMM’s archives since I discovered him a couple of months ago and I’ve just made it as far as May 2013, when he had a link to your May-day post. I’ll have to hurry up and finish his archives so that I can find time to start reading through yours now. Very interested to learn more of the German side of FI. I may never reach it but it’s good to be informed. And today was one step closer as I finally, after far too many years, cleared my overdraft, my last debt. So although I had to use half my salary to do it and once bills are paid next week I will have about 80 euro left for the whole of May, that’s fine. Debt-free day is a good day.

    • mrwoodpecker says:

      Thats great news! Being debt free is certainly one of the most important mile stone for getting more free in your life. Good thing about your efforts is that you now hopefully know how to lead a frugal live. If you continue this soon a nice stream of passive income will come in. Greetings to DDorf, Woodpecker

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